Creative adornments can be found throughout the store in 10 cabinets.  We are proud to represent fine local jewellery ranges handmade by wonderful hills artisans. Expect crystals, buttons, dichroic glass, china,  pearls, turquoise, tourmalines, garnets and citrines and other rare semiprecious stones set in sterling silver.  Distinctive pieces from around the world sit alongside classic silver bracelets and rings.

Faith Hill Jewellery Designs are also in  store now – rubies, emeralds, tormalines, ethiopian opal, acquamarines – beauties to behold.

Shankari Jewellery is a story in itself. From the exquisitely handcrafted dragon flies on the designs, to the Wings of freedom motif that is a signature of this specialised jewellery. Each piece is designed and signed by Shankari, ensuring you are getting a genuine classic beauty. You really have to see these designs to appreciate the charm and the soul of each piece.

Brands include Blue Turtles, Robo Silver Gallery, Borowke, Krazy Girl, Jules, Shirley Spencer and Molly Davies.You will also see the latest collections from Lalo Orna resin jewellery that are bold, geometric and fantastic!

OUR FAVOURITES: Anything that catches the eye- everyone at Herb Circle shares passion and love for beautiful jewellery.

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