Herb Circle has been open in Kalamunda since 1990, emerging from a group of very craft minded women making and producing their own range of herbal products. It soon blossomed into a shop with items from all over the globe – most of them with fragrance! Our shop is best described as a treasure trove of goods, with local and Australian items, jewellery, home fragrances and exotic delights to fill your home or workspace.

Herb Circle is well known as one of Perth’s sweetest smelling shops, over flowing with welcoming fragrances wafting down the street. When you enter the Herb Circle, it is difficult not to inhale the wonderful blend of all the soaps, diffusers, perfumes and incense and lose yourself as you browse and explore – then you leave having shared in a very special shopping experience.

Owner Kath de Gaye, and her lovely staff ( affectionately called the Herb Circlettes ) welcome each and every customer to come and visit our favourite place in the Perth Hills – you never know what you will discover!