Home Fragrance

At Herb Circle we stock a wide variety of home frangrances including diffusers, room sprays and a range of products from local brands Thurlby Herb Farm and Earth Products.


Diffusers are a fantastic way to keep your home or office fragrant all the time.  For those that are new to diffusers they work by filling a bottle with perfumed liquid and then placing the diffuser sticks in the liquid.  The diffuser sticks absorb the liquid and permeate the scent through the space.  The diffusers we stock last from 4-9 months depending on the size. We stock a wide range of diffusers including Voluspa, and coming soon – Luminessence from Margaret River WA, and Buckley and Philips from Melbourne – all made in Australia.



Thurlby Herb Farm

We also stock a range of products from Thurlby Herb Farm and among those products are those for the home such as drawer sachets, wardrobe fragrance and shoe sachets to appeal to every need in the home.

OUR FAVOURITES: Voluspa’s Goji Tarocco Orange diffuser, Voluspa’s Saijo Persimon room spray,  and Thurlby Herb Farms Drawer sachets and Maharani soaps.


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